What is Chip Tuning? (AKA Flash Tuning)

To put it simple, Chip Tuning is a software upgrade to your vehicle to improve performance, economy and driveability. For those who want to dive deeper, when we Chip Tune a vehicle we extract the current data from the vehicles computer (ECU/DME), That data is then sent to our Tuner for modification. Our Tuner modifies the data on a Hexidecimal level, breaking the code into different map tables such as injection timing, ignition timing, boost pressure, torque limitations and throttle response just to name a few. These changes are made to the original software we extracted from your vehicle, we cannot flash software from other vehicles into yours as it will not start. Once we receive the modified file from our Tuner over night, we then load the software into your vehicle the following day and you go for a test drive.


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