BMW B48 330i Development

For several years now access to the new BMW B Class Motors has eluded tuners worldwide. Finally new software has been developed to allow various tuners access to the new Bosch MDG1 PPC ECU utilised in many various B and G Class BMWs. Tuning is now possible via the vehicles OBD2 port located within the cabin of the vehicle. This new tuning method enables us to detect the vehicles software version and download a virtual copy of it from the suppliers server, we can then modify this software and upload back into the vehicle via the OBD2 port. This method enables us to maintain factory CVN and CALID coding, whist also maintaining the dealer program ID and original programming date. 

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy of this software and a customers B48 equipped F30 330i. Initial development has seen great results with gains of up to 30kw/40hp and 70Nm within the power curve, peak gains saw a 20kw improvement over stock but much greater top end with again 30kw gains. 

Our Stage 1 B48 tune is now available for all Victoria Customers with more updates in the coming Month. 

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