The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing...

It's time to go to work, you get up jump through the shower, throw on you best suit and knock off your first coffee for the day. You stroll into the cave, jump in the seat and press the button, the button you always look forward to hitting each morning. Growl! The room fills up with a distinct sound of what can only be likened to the roar of a hungry lion, the Evolve Technik Stage 3 Audi C7 RS7...

You take to the street in Comfort mode and begin the days route in pure comfort, no intruding noise, smooth power delivery, response when you want it, a true wolf in sheep's clothing.

Come the weekend you flick the switch to Dynamic and shed the wolf emerges, there is a sudden snap of acceleration like a bolt of lightening hitting you in the face. The beast comes to life and you take off down the road, you suddenly realise you have just hit 100km/h! Really? Already? That was only 2.89 seconds, surely not?

But you then realise, you just picked the car up last week from Evolve Technik and their new Stage 3 kit has just given you an extra 99kw/195nm! Wow, a sense of satisfaction floods your body as you never expected such a balanced result.

Introducing our Stage 3 Audi C7 RS7 4.0TFSI upgrade, featuring:

  • Evolve Technik Stage 3 ECU Tune
  • Supersprint Catless Downpipes
  • Resonators replaced with custom 200CPSI Sports Cats
  • AWE Tuning S-Flow Carbon Intake
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