Evolve Technik Blog

  • Mercedes OBD Release

    Now available - OBD Tuning for popular Mercedes models such as A45 AMG, C43 Coupe, C63s AMG and many more.
  • BMW X3 M40i Stage 1

    ​1.8 tonne Suburban Beast... Best describes the Stage 1 G01 X3 M40i B58!
  • BMW MG1 40i Beta Release

    Australian First!
    BMW MG1 ECU’s cracked and Beta Stage released, read on for more.
  • BMW B48 330i Development

    Development has now been completed on the new BMW B48 30i motor. We have seen impressive gains from our stage 1 upgrade with more coming in the following months. Click to read more.
  • BMW M3/M4 S55 GTS Exhaust Tuning

    Today we have successfully tested our latest S55 tune which now includes additional coding to replicate the BMW M4 GTS over run burble.
  • The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing...

    It's time to go to work, you get up jump through the shower, throw on you best suit and knock off your first coffee for the day. You stroll into the cave, jump in the seat and press the button, the button you always look forward to hitting each morning...
  • The Evolve Technik VRS BMW F80 M3

    BMW F80 M3 featuring Supersprint Turbo Back Exhaust, AFE Power Momentum Intake and a variety of Vorsteiner upgrades.
  • HUSCI 2015 Episode 3 Feat. Evolve 8V S3 - INTERVIEW

    In this 3rd episode of the 2015 HUSCI event, the audience gets to find out a bit more about who is behind the running of Evolve and Fitzgerald Racing with a one on one interview with Christian and Peter Fitzgerald.
  • Porsche Macan S - Cargraphic Active Sound + Stage 1 ECU Tune

    In cooperation with our sister company Fitzgerald Racing Services, we have just completed another gorgeous Porsche Macan S diesel. This beauty is rocking a Cargraphic Active Sound Exhaust and our Stage 1 ECU Upgrade, after 0-100kph...
  • HUSCI 2015 Episode 2 Feat. Evolve 8V S3

    Continuing on from our previous post, here is the second episode of the 2015 HUSCI competition also featuring our Audi 8V S3 and 997 Turbo prepared by Fitzgerald Racing Services.
  • HUSCI 2015 Episode 1 Feat. Evolve 8V S3

    Welcome to HUSCI! Or otherwise known as the Harrop Ultimate Street Cat Invitational. This is a great new local event constructed and run by Harrop Engineering. This new event tests a variety of make and model vehicles over a range of diverse courses to find out who indeed has the Ultimate Street Car!
  • BMW E90 M3 Supersprint Sports Vs Race comparison

    We recently had the chance to test the Supersprint Sports exhaust options for the BMW E90/E92 M3. In particular we ran back to back testing of their Race Mufflers vs their Sports Mufflers. Please see the video below to see the differences.