BMW MG1 40i Beta Release

Australian First!

Evolve Technik are now proud to announce that the have completed development of our beta stage B48 and B58 ECU Flash Tunes. Till now plug and play (aka. Piggy back) solutions were the only means of achieving great engineering performance out of these newer Bosch MG1 run motors. However with the introduction of new equipment we are now able to offer flash programming on all B48 and B58 models via the OBD port. Every file is still individually written to each car but with the ability to read via OBD we only require the vehicle for short periods over two consecutive days to complete the upgrade.

The recent B58 development was carried out on the new M140i. We saw impressive top end performance gains along with moderate improvement in the low to mid range. This is mainly due to torque limitations generated by the transmission mapping. With further development and time we hope to overcome these hurdles and further increase the low end torque gains.

For more information be sure to contact your local dealer.



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