The Evolve Technik 8V RS3 Development Car


"Overall, the Audi RS3 is one seriously fun daily"


What happens when you grab an already powerful car, and decide to test its limits? Depending on the choice of weapon, plenty of options are available. Done properly - as in a planned combination of performance upgrades and a conversation with your bank manager, some serious results can be achieved.

This month we look at our award winning Evolve Technik Audi RS3. Featuring a Stage 3 ECU Upgrade, an S-Tronic/DSG Tune, a Supersprint 2ndry Cat Delete (we did try a full downpipe with 2ndry cat delete, but found the car too loud), an Eventuri Carbon Intake, a Wagner Front Mount Intercooler and more*, this German made beast delivers a power output of approximately 350-360kw/650nm, compared to the stock 270kw/465nm.

With an extensive amount of work successfully done, these major upgrades undergone at Evolve Technik didn’t feel complete until the RS3 went up against some friendly competition to truly find out just how much had been achieved. And the results were outstanding to say the least. The Evolve Technik RS3 managed some very impressive results, with a 3rd place finish at the 2017 Harrop Ultimate Street Car Invitational (Catch Christian’s lap at HUSCI here), and 3rd outright at the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival with a quickest time of 11.38 / 400m (watch here).



As most Euro car enthusiasts are aware, the tuning and modding capabilities of the Audi RS3 are almost endless. However, we quickly learnt that when taking a kitted out RS3 to the track there is quite a bit of work to be done.

Being notorious for understeer, the biggest focus was on the handling design of the 8V RS3Hatch. At the time of development, there weren’t many front suspension upgrades available. So, the team worked towards countering the front weakness by overcompensating the rear suspension and using Toe and Camber adjustments to induce more oversteer.

We also decided to ramp up the front bump/rebound setting to maximum, as well as mounting a set of Pirelli Trofeo R Tyres which were known to have a stronger sidewall than the Dunlops.

Then for the brakes, we identified that the most important issue to tackle was heat displacement. The factory Rotors, although very fancy looking, were as useful as butter. To rectify this issue, it involved upgrading the pads and replacing brake fluid. We removed stone shields from behind the Front Discs to help dissipate heat quicker, and finally, we removed 2 black plastic trims in the front bumper and wheel arch liners to get more air to the discs. These several adjustments seemed to do the trick. We were now able to get the most out of a day at the track.



Overall, the Audi RS3 is one seriously fun daily. Getting from point A to B with the occasional spurt through the hills is way too fun, especially when switched to Dynamic Mode! But when it comes to track work, it might take a bit more effort to really get it up to scratch.

* Full list of Evolve Technik Audi RS3 upgrades:

- Stage 3 ECU Upgrade
- S-Tronic/DSG Tune
- Supersprint 2ndry Cat Delete
- Eventuri Carbon Intake
- Wagner Front Mount Intercooler
- Autotech High Pressure Fuel Pump
- Forge Motorsport High Flow Blow off Valve
- Forge Dogbone Mount
- Bilstein PSS10 B16 Coilovers
- H&R Sway Bars
- 034 Motorsport Rear Trailing Arm Upgrade
- 034 Motorsport Upgraded Sway Bar Links
- 034 Motorsport Rear Toe Arms

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