Mclaren 570 Stage 2

When you think of Mclaren, the last thing that probably comes to mind is "hey this thing probably needs more power.." But we will turn that though upside down and will open your eyes to the possibilities.

The Mclaren platform is one of the most enjoyable platforms for us to modify, not only due to the pure thrill of a Mclaren, but mostly due to the multi-platform 3.8l V8 Twin Turbo M838T E Motor.

This particular engine is found in a variety of Mclaren models such as MP4-12C, 540c, 570s, 650s, 675LT, 600LT and even the P1. Because of the varying power outputs we have found the lower spec models, such as the 540c and 570s, really benefit from our upgrades. 

 Let's take our 570s Stage 2 upgrade as an example. By simply upgrading the Tune, Exhaust and Filters, we were able to extract a whopping 170hp gain. Don't believe us? Then check out the video and dyno graph below.

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